Welcome to the launch of my new blog, “Find Your Buried Treasure.” Consider this a voyage and a treasure hunt we’re embarking on together. I’ve discovered that the more I help other people find their buried treasure, the more I find of my own. I hope that will be true for you as well.

The buried treasure I’m talking about is made up of the gifts, talents, skills, and strengths we don’t even realize we have – because they come so naturally to us and feel so common and ordinary that we don’t even consider them special. We may neglect or ignore them, or simply be unaware of their worth and value. But there’s buried treasure in everyone, and I want to help you find it.

This blog will include copies of my weekly Chanhassen Villager column, as well as insights and advice from the Dream Coaching community, and whatever other nuggets I find while I’m out exploring the world.

I want this site to be a place where each of us (myself included) can find help and support, advice and ideas – the tools, supplies and equipment we need in order to find our own buried treasure and to help others find theirs. So I hope you will contribute some of the wisdom and wonder that you discover along the way.

My only request and requirement for comments on this blog is that they be respectful and supportive. Respect is a really big issue with me, and it’s something I’m going to expect from everyone who interacts here.

Welcome, once again, and thank you for reading my blog. I hope your future is filled with glorious and abundant treasure of all kinds, and I hope that you find some of it right here!