Whether engaging a group to uncover hidden skills and traits or teaching impactful strategies for achieving dreams and attaining goals, Betty Liedtke’s outcome-based programming receives rave reviews.

Audiences can expect to be inspired and entertained by Betty’s energetic style and the valuable content she delivers. She has spoken at conferences, conventions, meetings and retreats of organizations as diverse as The Awaken Center, Fearless Women, Fire of Hope, Midwest Fiction Writers, Mind and Body Spiritual Center, Minnesota Consultant Dietitians, Minnesota Rehabilitation Association, RediscoveringU, Relay for Life, Rotary International, Toastmasters International, and Women of Words, as well as to audiences of teachers, students, religious groups and business leaders on two continents. She has been interviewed on radio and local television shows including Relevant Radio, Conscious Talk Radio, Heart & Soul Radio, It’s a Woman’s World, and WomanVision TV.

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“Thank you again for a wonderful, wonderful presentation! Here are some of the comments I received: ‘Excellent!,’ ‘Loved it!,’ ‘Very inspiring and motivating!,’ ‘So precious to know how to unlock my treasure. And I learned in this class that I have treasure in me, too!’ ‘Very helpful,’ ‘Fantastic. Thank you!.’ This says it all!!!”
Barb Greenberg, President, RediscoveringU
“Betty Liedtke was a fabulous speaker. She’s inspiring, she’s charming, she’s authentic, and I am blessed to have her as part of my ‘Fearless Women’ tribe.”
Mary Ann Halpin, Founder/CEO of Fearless Women™ Global
“I met Betty at the Fearless Women Global Conference here in Los Angeles, and not only is she a dynamic speaker, but she is a really dynamic person. She has this energy that is three times bigger than her physical stature. To listen to her speak is very inspiring and motivating, and I can’t wait to hear her even more.”
Susan Rosenthal, President, World Markets Group
“Her message will change the world. Betty has a great gift from God. She makes you feel so many things – her authenticity and her vulnerability – and yet she is so strong and powerful. If you ever have an opportunity to listen to her speak, I would highly recommend it!”
Angela Shin, Image & Attraction Coach
“Betty’s ‘treasure map’ is the equivalent of setting goals, and if you set goals for finding out what that extraordinary thing within you is, you will succeed beyond your greatest expectations.”
Mary Jo Sherwood, Founder/CEO of Fire of Hope ™
“What I enjoyed about Betty’s speech is that she speaks so from the heart. She really touched me. She made me feel like – ‘I can do it!’”
Lynn Nodland, Ph.D., MCC
“It was inspirational, it motivated us, and it got us to understand that we don’t have to be perfect to achieve whatever we want in life.”
Pamela King-Redigar, Inter-Spiritual Coach, Author of “Loving Yourself Home”
“I love Betty’s sense of humor. She has such a strong message, and what she has to say fills my heart with joy.”
Sandy Ryan, Psychotherapist, Chrysalis Mental Health Center
“She had me so captivated that I did not want her to stop talking.”
Ron Henderson, The “Fitness King,” Fitness Trainer, Motivational Speaker
“Wow! Your courage leapt out from you and was deeply moving to all of us!”
Jean Keating, Producer, “Living an Aligned Life”

Betty has engaged with audiences both large and small, and at a variety of events and locations.


Betty’s Most Popular Speaking Programs:

Keynotes, breakout sessions and workshops are customized to speak to the needs and expectations of your event.

Confidence, clarity, energy, and enthusiasm you never knew you possessed. That’s what you’ll discover when you find your buried treasure! Access and develop the power that’s already inside of you, and use it to create a “Treasure Map” that will lead to success in any area of your life.
What is it that gives your life the most satisfaction and fulfillment? If you don’t even know – because you’ve put your own dreams on hold while taking care of other people’s needs, or you’re being pulled in so many directions that you don’t know which way is up – this program will help you focus clearly on what it is that you want and need in your life, and will help you chart a course to achieve it.
Each of us has been given abundant gifts from God – many that we don’t even realize we possess. Learn to recognize, accept, and value them, and discover ways to use them to enrich yourself and the world.
A chance meeting and an article in a Ugandan newspaper led Betty on a mission to help women and young girls escape the cycle of poverty and prostitution in which they were trapped. Learn how an unusual friendship, coupled with faith and determination, is changing the lives of others in powerful ways.
Don’t be defeated or paralyzed by personal setbacks or devastating events. Instead, learn how to transform them into building blocks that will give you the strength, stamina, courage and confidence to overcome the devastating effects of traumatic events in your life.
On Christmas morning in 2011, Betty woke up whispering and repeating ten words that have been guiding her life ever since. The message from what she now refers to as her “Christmas Whisper,” and from her experiences in Uganda that inspired it, is that one person can make a difference in the world, and we are all called to do so. This presentation, with its simple but powerful message, will inspire you to discover the ways that you, too, can change not only your life, but the world.
Our personal stories have the ability to heal, help, educate and inspire, and it is through the stories of our lives that the most meaningful connections and relationships are formed. Learn to explore, develop and share your story confidently and memorably, in compelling and powerful ways.

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