I see the light!

“Follow the light.” Those were the instructions given to me as I got ready for my first cataract surgery. And frankly, it made me nervous for a moment—just long enough to remember all the movies and stories in which someone died, or had a near-death experience, with a bright light beckoning them to the other side. I wasn’t really nervous about the surgery—not too much, anyway. Since the time I found out I needed it, I’ve talked to a number of people who’ve had it [...]

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A Call to Arms

I’m on Day 15 of a 21-day challenge I started on April 4. Please don’t do the math. Not long ago, a friend of mine mentioned she was getting ready to begin a 21-day challenge for toning and strengthening her arms. A few days later, we had an unseasonably warm day, and I texted my friend this message: “I put on a short-sleeved shirt this morning and realized I REALLY need that 21-day arm challenge! Can you send me the link?” It was a pretty [...]

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Learning Today from the Leaders of Tomorrow

I recently went back to school again, and I was amazed at all I learned. Especially since I was there for barely an hour. The Georgia Writers Museum offers a number of educational programs, one of which is a Junior Board consisting of students in a Leadership class at the county high school. When the teacher of the class was recently named Teacher of the Month, and one of the students in her Leadership class—and on our Junior Board—was named Student of the Month, it [...]

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Easter Observations

Our church was crowded last Sunday, as it always is on Easter. Sitting in the pew in front of us was a young family. The two boys, about five and ten years old, were well-behaved and well-dressed, each in tan pants, a button-down shirt, and an adorable bow tie. This reminded me of a column I wrote more than 20 years ago, about another Easter Sunday. I think it’s still relevant today: As I waited for Mass to begin on Easter morning, I watched some [...]

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Reflect on This

Throughout the Lenten season, I’ve been reading daily meditations from a booklet our church distributed at the beginning of Lent. Each meditation is just two pages long. The first page usually tells the story of a saint or saintly person relevant to that day in history, such as St. Patrick on March 17. The booklet understandably refers to the day as “The feast of St. Patrick,” rather than “St. Patrick’s Day.” The second page of each meditation begins with a Biblical verse focusing on the [...]

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A Lesson from Cinderella

When I was a freshman in college, I went to Ft. Lauderdale over spring break with my roommate and a few other friends. One day, on a very crowded beach, a sour-looking older woman sitting near us asked us what school we were from. We told her, and she rolled her eyes. She was a teacher at another college, whose dates for spring break differed from ours, but overlapped by a few days. “I came here on vacation,” she told us, “to get away from [...]

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Be Nice!

A number of years ago—eight, to be exact—we were visiting our daughter and got into a discussion about the upcoming election. I told my daughter that she would make a good president, and suggested jokingly that she consider running. Then, just for fun, I went on to name different departments, agencies, or cabinet positions that members of our family would be suited for. I came up with one for my husband, our kids, and a few other family members—everyone but myself. That’s when I decided [...]

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Double Vision

I’m starting to see double, and I’m not quite sure what to do about it. It’s not a vision problem I’m dealing with, it’s a problem with double-booking myself, and not even realizing it. This has never been much of an issue for me before. Whenever two events I want to attend are taking place on the same day, at the same time, I simply choose one, and put the details on my calendars. I have two—the one on the kitchen counter that I look [...]

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The Best Advice

“Advice is what you ask for when you know the answer, but wish you didn’t.” I don’t know what philosopher, comedian, or entrepreneur first said that, but I do recall chuckling the first time I read it. And I agree there’s some truth to it. After all, when we’re dealing with complex issues in our lives, or trying to decide on next steps or a course of action, we often find that the answers we were looking for were inside of us all along. We [...]

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The Silent Treatment

Our pastor announced last weekend that he was going to be away for a few days, on a silent retreat. In addition to no talking, there would be no phones, internet, electronics, or communication of any kind. Just—silence. And meditation. And prayer. I know several people who have done silent retreats in the past, some as long as 30 days. The very idea of that amazes me. Even getting past the idea of taking a sabbatical from your regular life for a full month is [...]

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