We had an amazing day on Saturday. After our final presentation, at the Omega Healing Centre, we went to visit the girls in Ki-Mombasa and to distribute some clothes that had been donated for the women and their children. The girls were very happy to see us, and even more so when we told them of our plans and progress so far, and let them know that there are many people in both Africa and America who are thinking about them and who want to help get them out of the life and the environment they are now in. The conditions in Ki-Mombasa are absolutely horrendous, even without considering the work these girls are forced to do to survive. The day can’t come soon enough that we will be able to move the girls from this hell on earth to the Miracle Village of our dreams and our prayers.

Our girls in Ki-Mombasa

That brings us to the next stop on our agenda, and we are SO EXCITED to share this news with you. WE HAVE THE LAND WHERE OUR MIRACLE VILLAGE WILL BE BUILT!!! We are in possession of about an acre of land that is seven miles–and a world away–from Ki-Mombasa. It is a peaceful, secluded area where the only sounds now are the sounds of nature. It will be so therapeutic and nurturing for the girls, and it is large enough to accommodate the many needs we have for different facilities and purposes. We thank God for this miracle-in-the-making, and for the many, many angels who have appeared and have already helped in so many ways. We realize that our work is just beginning, but already so many things have come about that we can only shake our heads in wonder–and in gratitude.

Tabitha pointing out the property line to Betty.

Future home of the Miracle Village

We still have a somewhat full agenda for Sunday, starting with the church services we will be leaving for shortly, and continuing on with some coaching and consulting. Then it will be time for packing up, for sad goodbyes, for our last meal together with Tabitha’s family (and now Betty’s, too) here in Uganda, and for the drive back to the airport in Entebbe where we will begin our long journey home. Please keep us in your prayers.

Tabitha and Betty