Today we had the opportunity to distribute items that have been donated by friends in Minnesota.  Thank you to all who collected and donated items to load our luggage on this trip!


First it was t-shirts that were greatly appreciated by members of a youth soccer club, whose goal is to help young men develop skills and attitudes that will help them grow to be good husbands, fathers, and members of the community.

Betty sharing with the soccer team

Musa distributing shirts.

Next we distributed newborn kits–containing a towel, gloves, a crib sheet, soap, and a baby outfit–to new mothers at Mulago Hospital. It was heartbreaking to see the conditions there. New mothers and their babies were on beds just a few feet apart from each other in one large, open room. On the floor between the beds were thin straw mats, occupied by other mothers and babies because there weren’t enough beds for them all. The mothers were so grateful to receive these gifts.

Betty giving newborn kits to new mothers

Tabitha and Betty admiring a new baby

Saturday we have one more “Finding the Treasure in Our Gifts from God” presentation, and we will be visiting the girls in Ki-Mombasa after that. Please continue to keep us–and them–in your prayers.
Tabitha and Betty