My class at the Georgia Writers Museum is tomorrow, and I’m really excited about it. I was there for a few hours this morning helping with set-up and getting things arranged. I’ve printed out all my handouts, and tonight I plan to bake some cookies so I’ll have some homemade snacks to serve. Everything else is pretty much taken care of.

The class is a two-hour version of a full-day workshop that I presented a number of times in Minnesota, along with my friend and fellow writer/speaker/workshop presenter, Nikki Abramson. When I moved to Georgia from Minnesota a year and a half ago, Nikki and I gave each other our blessing to use the workshop we developed together as the basis for solo events. And I know she’ll be with me in spirit as I’m leading it tomorrow.

This will be the first time I’m presenting a program like this since I moved to Georgia, so I’m feeling a bit nervous over being a little rusty. But I know from experience that a little nervous energy is usually a good thing. And more so than the slight case of butterflies I’m feeling is the exhilaration of knowing that the information and exercises I’ll be sharing with the class participants can help them see themselves, and their lives, in a whole new light.

The class, by the way, is called, “The Power of Your Story: Find It, Own It, Use It!” The main premise is that there is treasure to be found even in the everyday events of our lives. Even – or especially – in the parts of our lives that seem boring, messy, or unimportant. This is actually where the most valuable lessons come from – lessons that help us in many ways, and that we can use to help others.

That’s what I’m hoping everyone gets out of the class tomorrow. And I hope it’s just the beginning of a new and exciting journey for them.

For me, too.

October 19, 2018
©Betty Liedtke, 2018

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