It’s Halloween weekend. Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, which is the best day of the week for trick-or-treating, although the streets won’t be filled with nearly as many ghosts, goblins, spirits, and superheroes this year as they normally would. Still, it’s a scary time of year – more so this year than most, for a variety of reasons.

This is also the best time of year for scary movies. My husband and I just finished watching The Haunting of Bly Manor, which we loved. It was filled with suspense and psychological horrors, which I much prefer over blood and guts and gore movies filled with flying dismembered body parts. If your tastes are more in line with mine, then I highly recommend – if you haven’t already seen it, or even if you have – the movie, The Haunting. The original black and white movie from 1963, not the 1999 remake, which was more silly than scary. In my opinion, the original The Haunting is THE most terrifying movie of all time in the things-that-go-bump-in-the-night genre. And I say that with the highest of admiration and praise.

I got a text message this morning from my sister, telling me about a movie she described as amazing, scary, shocking, and one that “you guys HAVE to watch.” It’s not about haunted houses, though; it’s about mind control and manipulation – which is terrifying in a whole different way. I did a little research on it, and it sounds like a movie about something that’s turning us all into zombies. I wouldn’t automatically think about that with regard to a documentary about social media, but that’s the impression I get of The Social Dilemma. I’m going to put it on my “To Do” list – or rather, my “To Watch” list – for this Halloween weekend. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it haunts me enough to keep me up all night. But that’s okay. That’s what good scary movies are supposed to do.

Whatever you plan to do to celebrate Halloween this year, whether it’s keeping busy with trick-or-treaters, scaring yourself silly with a spooky movie, or simply enjoying the fall colors and cooler weather of the changing season, please stay safe!

October 30, 2020
©Betty Liedtke, 2020

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