Lots going on since our last post. We did two “Finding the Treasure in Our Gifts from God” programs–one for members of the Community Healing Church in Kampala, and one for teachers at Buckley High School (which is actually a highly acclaimed Girls’ Boarding Primary School, with students aged 6-15) in Iganga. After that program we were treated to an amazing performance by students who were leaving that afternoon (Thursday) for a National Music Competition in Kampala. From the moment they opened their mouths and started singing, we were mesmerized. Clear, strong voices, powerful and energetic dance moves, smiles that were wider than their faces, all showed us what talented champions they already were. After the performance, we were blown away to find out that one of the girls was deaf. The dance moves were all quick and precise, and this girl never missed a beat. “How does she do that?” we wondered, and a teacher gave us the answer. “She watches the other girls, and she feels the vibrations,” he said. “She hears with her heart.”

Musical performance at Buckley

On our way to Iganga, we crossed the Nile River. In some ways, it felt no different than driving across a bridge over the Mississippi, but–the NILE! We were also at the place where you look over one side of the bridge and see the Nile, and look over the other and see Lake Victoria, which is the source of the Nile.

Betty, Tabitha and mangoes

During the rest of the day, we visited the mango orchard that may generate a business for our girls in Ki-Mombasa, and saw several other people that Tabitha has known her whole life and that Betty met during our trip to Uganda last October — most notably Tabitha’s father.
We had some wonderful visits and reunions, and were returning to Kampala in the evening when we passed a bus that was parked on the side of the road and was obviously having some mechanical difficulties (flat tire, actually). “Those are our girls!” Tabitha cried out as we drove past. They were the girls from Buckley who were on their way to Kampala for the Music Festival!
Musa (our friend and driver) pulled over and we checked to see if we could help. The problem had been fixed, however, and they were just about to get back on the road. The girls were happy to see us again (as we were to see them) and they cheered and smiled broadly as we took some more pictures of them before wishing them success in the competition, and getting back on the road ourselves.

Stranded but still smiling!

Friday will be a bit less hectic for us, but will still be a full and busy day.
Tabitha and Betty