It’s been several years now since I started helping and encouraging people to find their buried treasure – the gifts, skills, talents and strengths they didn’t even realize they had. During that time, I’ve made a few interesting discoveries myself.

One is that when you start looking for something and you do it consistently, it’s very likely that you’ll find it – and also that it will start finding you! Whether you’re searching for significance or looking for trouble, what you seek is what you’ll get.

When you make it a habit to look for, notice, and acknowledge positive traits and characteristics, you will start seeing them everywhere – in your friends and family, in casual acquaintances and total strangers whose paths you cross, and, best of all, in yourself.

Would you prefer to be surrounded by treasures and talent or trouble and turmoil? Look for the best in others, and see how quickly you uncover the buried treasure in your own life.