Our trip to Mbarara was to meet with Betty and Ishmael, who own hotels in Kampala and Mbarara and who want to help us help the girls in Ki-Mombasa. They told us they will offer employment in their hotels to girls from Ki-Mombasa once they have gone through transitioning and training. We are thanking God for Betty and Ishmael!

Betty, Betty and Tabitha in Mbarara

We spent the night in Mbarara, and toured the hotel there. Betty and Ishmael were gracious and wonderful hosts.
During a conversation with Betty about the “honey project” we have been planning as a way for the girls to earn and generate income, Betty suggested that we focus on processing and packaging, rather than producing our own honey. She took us to her market and introduced us to her supplier, who gave us valuable information and said he could supply all the honey we need! Which means we’ll be able to get that project up and running even more quickly and economically than we had planned.

Honey at the local market.

Our Miracle Village is growing already, and we are grateful for the angels who are helping us to build it!