The snow is finally gone, and the weather is finally spring-like here in Minnesota, so it was a joy to get outside this weekend and tend to my herb garden. Clearing away the winter debris allowed the delicate chive shoots to stand tall, and the bits of green already forming on the thyme and tarragon to get a breath of fresh air. What a welcome and glorious treasure it was to see, with a promise of the bounty yet to come!

Sometimes it’s that way with the treasure inside of us, too. We need to clear away some of the debris that’s piled up over time, and is covering up or choking off the gifts we have and the bounty they can provide.

What debris, dirt, or bits of leftover insulation might be covering up the talents and treasures that you possess? Take the time to recognize it, acknowledge it, and get rid of it! Then let yourself blossom and grow into all you are meant to be, and all you are capable of becoming.

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