I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. Nothing’s wrong, and the doctor gave me an “All clear” report, along with the standard advice to come back in a year, or earlier if something comes up in between now and then.

I’ve always stayed up to date with my annual check-ups, and any other medical appointments that are warranted on a regular or occasional basis. More and more often, I seem to be hearing, “At your age, you should probably think about seeing….” Or after raising a minor issue or question, I’m told, “That should be checked out, just to be safe.” Since I’m all for doing whatever I can to protect my health, I usually follow up on whatever it is that’s being recommended for me to do, or whomever it is I’m being advised to see.

That may be why it seems I’ve been spending a fair amount of time lately on medical appointments even though, overall, I feel fine and am the picture of health. Or maybe it just seems like I’m going to a lot of doctor’s appointments because that’s about the only time I go out anymore. Back in the days before Covid, if I had two appointments a month apart, I’d also have multiple events and activities in between – errands, meetings, visits with friends, and other outings that make up a normal life – so it wouldn’t seem like all I was doing was going to doctors’ appointments.

Or maybe it’s because, with Covid still a presence in our lives, medical issues are top of mind for many of us. A number of people who regularly have annual allergy attacks – or summer colds, or occasional coughing fits – now have to wonder if they might have Covid instead. These aren’t people who are hypochondriacs, or who imagine the worst when anything happens. They are normal people living in abnormal times. And with the news this week that the president and first lady – and now, more and more top government aides and officials – have tested positive, Covid has shot back up to the top of the news cycle. Not that it was ever far from it.

Sometimes it seems that this will never end, and I find myself starting to think, “What’s the point?” But then I realize this is all the more reason for us to take care of ourselves and do everything we can to protect our health. Whether it’s wearing a mask and practicing social distancing in order to protect ourselves and each other, or keeping up with our regular physicals and whatever tests, specialists, and other practices are warranted, it’s important for all of us to do what we can to stay as healthy as we can – for our own comfort and benefit, and for the comfort and benefit of the people we care about, and who care about us.

October 3, 2020
©Betty Liedtke, 2020

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