I have to admit that every so often, while writing a column or blog post, I worry that the topic I’m writing about is so ordinary and mundane that everyone reading it will be bored to tears, and quit reading halfway through – or sooner. Not only that, but I wonder if at the same time, I’m exposing all my faults and flaws, and showing how ordinary, mundane, and disorganized my life can be. Invariably, however, those posts end up being the ones people seem to relate to the most, and that generate the most feedback.

Case in point: last week’s blog post about cleaning out a closet that contained family photos, Christmas ornaments and decorations, and unwieldy stacks of gift boxes, wrapping paper, and greeting cards.

I’m always grateful when people say, “Me too!” and acknowledge that they have the same issues – or closets – that I do, or are dealing with some of the same problems.

After last week’s blog post, several people emailed me with suggestions gained from their own experiences clearing out closets overstuffed with sentimental items. Others offered variations of “I feel your pain,” acknowledging the difficulty of letting go of things like photos from when the kids were growing up, and a lifetime’s worth of holiday decorations and memorabilia.

I don’t know which I welcome more, the genuinely helpful suggestions or the moral support and understanding – but I do know that both are valuable. It’s not so much a “Misery loves company” type of feeling. It’s more a validation that things I’m feeling and dealing with are normal and legitimate, even if they’re minor and insignificant in the whole scheme of things. I appreciate knowing people are nodding their heads and smiling in recognition and agreement, rather than rolling their eyes and shaking their heads in boredom or disdain. Knowing others have “been there, done that,” is motivating and energizing, which I find to be a whole lot better than feeling weak and indecisive.

I’m sure there will continue to be times when I have new and exciting discoveries and observations to share. But in between adventures and escapades are the ordinary and mundane chores and activities of everyday life, and those are worth sharing as well. When we share our experiences with each other – the good, the bad, and the ugly – we can all gain insights and encouragement, plus tips and tricks, from each other.

So thank you for reading about the closet I’m (still) working on. Thank you for the support and suggestions you offered. And thank you for sharing some closet stories of your own.

February 6, 2023
©Betty Liedtke, 2023

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