I remember well arriving in Entebbe during my first trip to Uganda. Standing in the airport parking lot while our bags were being loaded in the van, I kept looking up at the sky and the scenery all around me, and thinking, “I’m in Africa! I’m in Africa!”
It’s now two trips later in just under two years, and I find myself taking it all in and enjoying the familiarity. I was welcomed as warmly as Tabitha was by her family who picked us up from the airport, and we laughed and told stories all the way to the hotel. While our bags were being loaded into the car this time, I looked all around me and thought, “I am home. I am home.”
Tabitha often jokes that she doesn’t know where home is anymore. When she’s in America, her family in Uganda asks when she is coming back home. And when she is in Uganda, her friends in Minnesota ask her the same thing.
I know a little bit of how she feels. And I know that whether I am here or there, I am home.