PLEASE NOTE: I’m taking a break from my blog for the rest of December, so this will be my last post until after Christmas.
I hope you have a warm and wonderful holiday season!


I woke up a few days ago to a view so stunning I had to run outside – in my pajamas – to take a photo. This happens every so often, and my usual experience is that no matter how hard I try, or how quickly I move, I’m never able to capture the colors of the sky, or to fully catch the reflection of the trees in the waters of the lake.

This time was different, though. The clouds – in my photo, as well as in real life – were layered in shades of purple, pink, orange and gold. The silhouettes of the trees against the morning sky were mirrored in the water below.  And the serenity and majesty of nature out my back door was reflected in the photo I took of them.

Although we’ve had a few really cold – for Georgia – days, and a week of weather that was mostly cloudy, rainy, and dreary, the last few days have been warm and sunny. They felt more like the days of early spring than the beginning of December. I realize this news may not be appreciated by those living in areas of the country that have already had frigid temperatures and several inches – or feet – of snow. But I still want to acknowledge the beauty in nature – and everywhere, actually – that we’ll see if we only open our eyes. And if we slow down long enough to notice and appreciate it.

That’s probably harder to do right now than at any other time of year. Snow and slush, gray skies and icy rain, not to mention the frantic pace of the days leading up to Christmas, can easily block our view – which is why I was especially grateful to see and capture what was right outside my back door.

I hope that even in the rushing around you are probably doing right now, and no matter where you live or what kind of view the weather is providing, you will be able to take some time to look for – and find – the beauty of this season.

December 7, 2018
©Betty Liedtke, 2018

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