We’re apparently developing a new Thanksgiving tradition, although it’s not one of our own choosing.

Our power went out yesterday, just as it did last year on Thanksgiving Day.

On that day, it happened early in the morning, and didn’t disrupt our plans too badly. Because of COVID, it was the first year ever that my husband and I were spending Thanksgiving at home, with just the two of us. I still wanted to have a traditional dinner, so we cooked a turkey – a smaller one than usual – and a few standard side dishes. All our appliances are electric, so when the power went out around 6:30 in the morning – and didn’t come back on for five hours – all we had to do was adjust our timetable, and plan on eating a little later than we had originally intended.

Yesterday was a little different. We celebrated Thanksgiving with several of our neighbors, and had already eaten dinner by the time the lights blinked off and on several times before coming back on for good.

We were home and getting ready for bed when the power went out again. This time it stayed out for a longer period of time. But, again, it didn’t cause us any real problem or inconvenience, since all the festivities of the day were over. My husband called the power company and got a recording saying that the outage was due to a vehicular accident, and that the power should be back on by 10:30. By that time I was sound asleep, though I did say a prayer for the victims of the accident first.

I hope this Thanksgiving “tradition” of the power going out doesn’t continue on in future years. But I will take it as a reminder to be thankful not just for family and friends, for hearth and home and food on the table, but for things like electricity, candles and flashlights, and household appliances that we take for granted unless they stop working. I’m also taking it as a reminder to focus some of my thoughts and prayers on people – those I know and some I don’t – who are victims of an accident, illness, or other painful and difficult circumstances.

However you spent Thanksgiving Day, I hope it included a special meal, time with family or friends, a win for your favorite football team, or anything else that gives you joy. I hope your day was safe and satisfying, with some time to reflect on all you are thankful for. And whether your lights stayed on, or you live in my neighborhood and lost power for part of the day, I hope your Thanksgiving traditions were all of your own choosing.

November 26, 2021
©Betty Liedtke, 2021

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