There was much in the news last week to spark outrage, no matter which side of the political divide you’re on. And, of course, that divide got deeper and wider as time went on. Which is all the more reason an unrelated incident in the news was so welcome and heartwarming.

I’m referring to the Little League Regional Championship game in which a batter got knocked down by a wild pitch that hit him in the helmet.

That, of course, wasn’t the heartwarming part. It was what happened right after the hit.

In case you missed it, the batter wasn’t seriously injured, and eventually got up and walked to first base. But by this time, the pitcher, upset by what had happened, was in tears. That’s the point at which the batter walked over to the pitcher’s mound and gave the pitcher a big hug, telling him he was doing a great job.

As if that wasn’t enough to bring me to tears – and it was – I saw an interview with both of these boys on TV the next day. Their words of support for each other expressed wisdom, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness that seemed well beyond their years. Or maybe not. Maybe these are qualities we grow out of, rather than into, as we deal with life’s challenges and inequities.

Perhaps because this unusual and uplifting news story was surrounded by all the political news of the past week, I found myself wishing that people working in federal government agencies, members of Congress, and many of the news anchors on TV and radio, would demonstrate more of the qualities I saw in these two young baseball players. How wonderful it would be to see people in high places who could disagree without being disagreeable, who took the time to understand and respect the other person’s – or party’s – point of view instead of lashing out or getting defensive, and who realized that doing the right thing is more important than winning the game.

I don’t really think that’s likely to happen, however. So I’ll simply wait, hope, and look forward to the day when these two Little Leaguers – and others like them – move into the Big Leagues.

And I’m not talking about baseball.

August 15, 2022
©Betty Liedtke, 2022

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