No blog today

We are still without power after the storm. I am sending this from a remote location. I will post as soon as I can.  

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Georgia, not Minnesota!

My favorite frozen fountain!

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Piecing together the puzzle of life

I am currently in Uganda. While I am gone, the Villager is rerunning some of my early favorites. The following column was first published on December 2, 2004. People can really be a puzzle. By that I don’t mean they’re confusing, although they can be that, too – especially if they’re teenagers or members of the opposite sex. What I’m talking about is more like a jigsaw puzzle, where every piece is a little different from every other one, even though they all have the same basic structure. [...]

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No column this week

The column I write, which appears in the newspaper every Thursday and here on my blog every Friday, was inadvertently left out of this week's paper due to an oversight at the newspaper office. It will appear next week, so please check back then. Thank you!

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That’s Entertainment!

Note: While I am in Uganda, the Chanhassen Villager is publishing excerpts from my upcoming book about my first trip to Uganda, in October, 2011. Sunday, October 16, 2011 5:45 p.m. I wish I could capture the sound of the music and the feel of this moment. There’s a light, cool breeze. It’s early evening, and we’re in a lovely outdoor arena, seated at colorfully-covered tables nestled up into the hills like seats in a theatre. Which is exactly what this is. Tribal drums are [...]

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Landing in Africa

Editor’s Note: Betty Liedtke is in Uganda. While she is gone, we are publishing excerpts from her upcoming book about her first trip to Uganda, in October, 2011. Tuesday Evening, October 11, 2011 I am in Africa! It doesn’t quite feel like it yet, because I haven’t actually gotten off the plane. Our Amsterdam to Entebbe flight included another stop – in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. That’s where we are now. It’s just a short stop, under an hour, and those of us going [...]

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A Lesson in Leadership

Tabitha and I have already spent some time at the Cornerstone Leadership Academy--both the Boys' school and the Girls' school, where I did a program about finding the treasure in our gifts from God. We've been asked to develop leadership programs and presentations for other groups, so we've been working on those, too. The other night, I got a lesson and some insights into leadership in a rather unusual way. Tabitha and her husband Stone invited me for a visit in the home where they've [...]

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Back home to Uganda

I remember well arriving in Entebbe during my first trip to Uganda. Standing in the airport parking lot while our bags were being loaded in the van, I kept looking up at the sky and the scenery all around me, and thinking, "I'm in Africa! I'm in Africa!" It's now two trips later in just under two years, and I find myself taking it all in and enjoying the familiarity. I was welcomed as warmly as Tabitha was by her family who picked us up [...]

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The end of one chapter is the beginning of the next

Note: For ten weeks, I am using the Dream Coaching® program to work on my dream of finishing and publishing a book about my trip to Uganda, and I am reporting on my progress in my weekly column. As always, my column is posted on my blog every Friday. To read the series from the beginning, start with the introductory post, dated May 3, 2013. It’s hard for me to believe that it’s already Week 10 of the Dream Coaching program. Or that I’ve gotten [...]

A Blast from the Past: Life Lessons Come from Yoga Class

In the column that will be in the newspaper this week (and will be on my blog on Friday), I refer to a column I wrote more than ten years ago about a yoga class I was taking. The column originally appeared in the paper on August 9, 2001, and I'm publishing it here now in case you'd like to read the whole thing. In over ten years of writing my column in the Chanhassen Villager, this remains one of my favorites. Enjoy! For a long time now, I’ve been thinking about taking a yoga class—even after playing a trivia game in which yoga was the correct answer to the question, “In what type of exercise do you stand on your head?”

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