Extra protection

Many years ago, I had surgery for breast cancer, followed by a year of monthly chemotherapy treatments. After each one, I went home and spent the rest of the day in bed, nauseous and exhausted. I was tired and a bit queasy for most of the week, then I’d have three weeks off until it was time to do it all again. One of the things I remember about that time is how eagerly I kept counting down the number of treatments I had left. [...]

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A Welcome Road Trip

We spent two days driving, then two and a half days at our destination, and another two days coming home. Some people might question whether the time we spent there was worth the time it took to get there and back. Under other circumstances, I might agree. But not this time. We were visiting our grandkids. My husband and I got our second vaccination in mid-February, and waited the recommended amount of time to allow the vaccine to come to full strength. Then we hit [...]

A Doctor’s Question

I was a little nervous when my doctor’s office called to schedule an appointment to go over the results of the bone density scan I had done last week. I figured that anytime this has to be done in person, rather than with a phone call, the news can’t be good. Happily, I was wrong, and the doctor said my bones were even stronger than they were in my last scan two years ago. The news made me think of a newspaper column I wrote [...]

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Feeling like a fish out of water

Plenty of movies over the years have utilized the “fish out of water” concept, pulling the main characters out of their comfortable, familiar world and putting them – either comically or dangerously – in an environment that’s totally foreign to them. Time-travel movies like Back to the Future are good examples. So are movies that transplant characters from big, bustling cities to small, laid-back rural areas. Or vice versa. Crocodile Dundee manages to do both, between New York City and the Australian Outback. The reason [...]

Feeling Great, First Thing in the Morning

Every so often, I come across a “prayer” that makes me chuckle. Like one that says, “Dear God, please grant me patience. And I need it now!” Then there’s one that goes, “Heavenly Father, thank you that my day’s going pretty well so far. I haven’t experienced any major conflicts or catastrophes, and  I haven’t lost my temper or made any stupid mistakes. But very soon, I’m going to have to get out of bed, and then I’m really going to need your help.” I [...]

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A Second Shot of Safety

I got my second COVID vaccine shot yesterday, and I came home with a mixed bag of feelings – some that I expected, and a few I didn’t. One feeling I anticipated – and experienced – was a sense of both relief and protection. Not entirely, since I know there’s a span of a few weeks before immunity is at full strength. Also, there are still a lot of unknowns with regard to how long it lasts, how effective it is against newly emerging variants, [...]

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A shot of hope

I got shot yesterday. That is, I received a shot – the COVID vaccine. There was already a long line of cars when my husband and I arrived half an hour early for our 9:30 appointment. The line moved swiftly, however, and we reached the tent where they were doing the vaccinations just a few minutes after our scheduled time. I have to admit that after all the news about the problems they were having with distribution, and the discrepancies between how much vaccine was [...]

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An exciting day to come

Have you ever planned a special occasion event – like a once-in-a-lifetime vacation or a major anniversary party – that was originally so far in the future that it felt like it would never get here? It sometimes felt as though the planning would go on forever, and then, when the event finally took place, it felt almost surreal. And afterwards, it felt a bit strange to get back to “normal” without having the event to look forward to, or more tasks and chores to [...]

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Lost in a Dream

It was the kind of dream that woke me up with a start, and left me sweating and with my heart pounding. I was still feeling shaky a little later when I started writing about it, although the more I thought about it, the sillier it seemed. Still, I found myself analyzing it in order to determine where it came from. Like many people, I’ve been glued to the television over the last few days, unable to turn away from the news of everything that’s [...]

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A really nice idea

I was on the phone with Aunt Vera, an amazing lady who possesses 101 years of wisdom and a mind that’s still sharp as a tack. After we wished each other a Merry Christmas, we talked about how different Christmas was this year and how sorry we were not to be able to see her in person, as we usually do over the holidays. We talked about how excited we were at the news about COVID vaccines, and how happy we will be to visit [...]

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