Jumpstart your goals for the rest of 2014

Sometimes, a plan that seemed like a great idea at the time turns out to be not so great after all. Often, though, it just needs a little tweaking. I think that was the case with my New Year’s Resolution this year. I decided that I was going to complete a new project every week throughout 2014. My first project was to compile a list of 50 projects and goals I wanted to complete, and I’m happy to report I was able to check that [...]

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Email from a friend recognizes an abundant life

“You never cease to amaze me with your over-abundant life. Wow! You are living the Dream!” That was the message I got last week in an email from a cherished friend whom I’ve known since high school. She reads my column online, and was commenting on one I wrote a few weeks ago about attending a Hollywood red-carpet event: a Book Launch and Gala for “Fearless Women, Visions of a New World.” In the column, I also mentioned my trip to Uganda last fall – [...]

A fearless weekend generates new experiences

A few things I did last week that I have never done before in my life: I walked – and was photographed on – the red carpet at a Hollywood Gala; I attended a baby shower at the home of a Ugandan family living in California; I flew on an official “red eye,” leaving LAX after midnight and returning to Minneapolis just after 6 o’clock on Monday morning. Something I did last week that I have done before – and, in fact, have been doing [...]