How old?

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were? That question comes up every so often, and I’ll be the first to admit there are times when I feel much older than my actual age. But there are times when I feel younger, too, so I guess it evens out. I thought of the question recently in relation to a friend who sent me an email after reading one of my blog posts a few weeks [...]

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The right decision

A comic strip on the bulletin board of a health club I used to belong to featured an overweight man in his underwear sitting on the examining table in a doctor’s office. The doctor, standing next to him and staring at the clipboard he was holding, said, “Which works better for your schedule – exercising for one hour a day or being dead for twenty-four?” I was reminded of that the other day while watching a television interview with a [...]

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The best and worst in us all

National emergencies – whether man-made or acts of God – tend to bring out the worst in some people, and the best in others. I read a story the other day that showed an example of both – in the same incident. The story was in Forbes online magazine, and had to do with a stock clerk, in a large grocery store, who was getting reamed out by a man who was livid because the store was out of Purell. [...]

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Imagine a World…

My weekly project last week was tackling one of the shelves in my office closet – the one that holds, among other things, notebooks, binders, and workbooks from some of the many classes I’ve taken over the years. Most of them have to do with writing or professional speaking, and I haven’t really looked at them in a long time. In a way, going through them was like looking at old scrapbooks or photo albums. In another way, it was [...]

Baby Blues at the Gym

When I get on the treadmill at the health club, I don’t pay much attention to the people around me, other than to nod in greeting if they happen to glance over as I’m getting on or off. So I didn’t notice anything unusual about the young woman on the machine next to mine until someone else walked by and started talking to her, congratulating her on her new baby and saying how great it was that she brought him [...]

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An old song and a new concern

“Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe, and to love you.” That’s a line from an old song by the Hollies, recorded back in the ’70s. I can’t remember the last time I heard the song on the radio, but that line popped into my head recently. And though it comes from the chorus of a love song, I started thinking about it in relation to something that is not nearly as romantic and that has been [...]

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